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"He has a genuinely artistic sensibility that makes for painterly, even somewhat mysterious, interiors, a selection of which are now beautifully showcased in his new bookThe Art of the Interior (Rizzoli). He sees himself as both a painter and a designer and still does hands-on artwork for clients, the part of the job he finds the most satisfying." (Sian Ballen & Lesley Hauge, New York Social Diary)

Richard Gillette worked for four decades of his career in Manhattan. While he maintains his practice in the city, he currently lives and works in the Hudson Valley of Upstate New York.


"The first monograph on the work of Richard Gillette, a visionary designer whose elegant interiors are inspired by the works of the great artists of history. Richard Gillette is one of America’s leading interior designers, lauded for his comprehensively conceived and exquisitely detailed rooms. A painter by training, his work draws inspiration from the great masters, ranging from artists of the ancient world and the luminaries of the Enlightenment to such familiar figures as Rembrandt, Millais, Klimt, Miro, de Chirico, and Braque, among others. Richard Gillette: The Art of the Interior presents twenty of the best examples of his interiors. Although his style palette ranges widely, from Cubist Illusion to Victorian Minimal, Pre-Raphaelite Deco to Rococo, all of the apartments and homes featured share a common element: each design was inspired by a central and unifying piece of art that informs the space—a cubist painting by Picasso or Braque, a neo-realist piece by de Chirico, a Pre-Raphaelite masterpiece by Millais. Stunning color photographs highlight the hallmarks of Gillette’s work—his exceptionally fine craftsmanship and painterly attention to surface and form, elements that contribute to making his interiors works of art in their own right. A volume rich in sumptuous detail, Richard Gillette: The Art of the Interior is a sublime integration of aesthetics and form in the realized contemporary interior."






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